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The Temple Within Your Own Heart

Updated: Apr 23, 2019

Moving beyond the limitation of religion to direct connection with our Source

Over the past 20 years I have read many books, taken many workshops and have explored numerous spiritual paths and religions. I've found that they all have three things in common:

1. Each religion/spiritual path holds a unique piece to a larger puzzle of existence.
2. Each religion/spiritual path believes in a pure Source of life called many names like God, Allah, Great Spirit, Universe and many others.
3. The purity of truth that represents God has been distorted or garmented by all of these religions with human perceptions and interpretations.

In my spiritual search, I have found that no one path holds all of the answers to life nor does one person. But the threads of truth which I have discerned within my own heart as a kind of "knowing" that goes beyond the intellect have woven themselves into a beautiful tapestry of spirituality. I call it TWYOH the Temple or Truth Within Your Own Heart.

God, which I will also refer to as Source, is limited by the very fact that I am trying to verbalize this greatness that can never be contained in words. For the sake of leading readers back to your own experiential knowing of God, I will try to speak these threads of truth as clearly as possible. Source is a perfect, loving energy which is an invisible ocean that contains and supports all things, is the very foundation and essence of all things. Simply stated, Source is the true starting point of all life.

Now imagine a rainbow. A rainbow is created when light shines through a prism and it separates or refracts light into the many colors which are all contained within white light. Broken by the prism we get to experience each beautiful color individually. I find this to be a wonderful analogy for physical life. We are all contained as one within the white light of God all of the time, but to be able to experience ourselves individually, our own unique colors, we must separate from God. This separation is really only an illusion of time and space occurring within our own minds. All of the colors, all of creation is always contained within the white light even if we've forgotten. So we can say that while we may be experiencing feeling separate from God, God is always there containing us, loving us and living at the deepest part of our being. God is our core, our very foundation. (The brain may have a hard time following but notice your heart intuits this to be true, which is the truth within your own heart or TWYOH speaking.)

So you may wonder where does darkness come from and why does it feel so real when our deepest truth is only light? The root of all evil stems from a false belief embedded deeply into our consciousness that we are separate from God. When we chose to experience ourselves individually for it to seem real, we had to forget that we were one with God. When people forgot their connection to Source they even began to not believe in God which created fear. Especially fear of death or fear of nothingness after death. When there is no belief in God or life after death, there is no sense of responsibility to be good which has resulted in much evil.

In our true state of being, when we are connected to our Source, we will experience no evil because it is not real! I know this may be difficult for the mind to accept because it has perceived good and evil for so long. But here is the proof: when you shine light into darkness it lights up the dark. When you bring darkness to light it can only become light. Darkness is like the moon, it cannot be seen without the sun.

Quantum Physics has proven the truth of our interconnectedness or Oneness by discovering "the Field" or "Zero Point Energy." When physicists explore down to the very tiniest places of existence in the subatomic level of reality, they found not individual lonely particles but a never ending dance of particles into waves of light. To put it simply, at our deepest level there is no separation from our Source, all light particles dance together infinitely!

In our macroscopic reality what this means is that every human being, every object, every oxygen or water molecule is connected past, present and future. It means that we breathe the same air that Jesus breathed, that Buddha breathed, that Krishna breathed. Their teachings and presence are still alive and connected for us to access right now. As science tells us energy can be neither created nor destroyed, it only changes form which also means we never truly die. We are one with each other and with God, the dance of life is eternal, and so are we! The implications of this are paradigm shattering on all levels of present day reality which is why I'm sure this information is not flowing to the masses. But with this knowledge we are empowered individually to discover our own unique color, purpose and ultimately our own connection with God our Source of life.

Many people speak of injustice in this world which is deeply frustrating and hard to comprehend. "Why?" we all ask to the suffering of this world. But from this broader viewpoint of reality we can more clearly see that when we chose to experience ourselves individually and apart from God for it to seem real we had to forget that we were One with God. How else could we feel individual if we were all One at the same time but to forget Oneness? From this place of feeling separate we first felt fear and from this darkness did all evil spring.

Back to our earlier realization that there is no truth in darkness... does this mean that we ignore our very real feelings of pain and injustice and prentend it is not there? Of course not, it means that we need to begin to remember our Oneness as a human race and with God. We need to implement this information into every aspect of life. If people begin to remember our Oneness then we will begin to live our lives more purposefully, more consciously in each and every moment. If harming another would also harm yourself due to Karma, you would be less likely to do harm. This is also explained in the Law of Resonance that "like attracts like," "you reap what you sow" or "what goes around comes around." If the knowledge of our Oneness becomes widespread it will eventually end all war and all suffering in the world.

In remembering that the dance of light happens eternally it helps us to have compassion and patience for our brothers and sisters still believing and acting out in darkness. Do you remember being a child in the middle of the night lying in bed in the dark and your mind running wild with fear at every noise? This is quite similar to people still experiencing the darkness of their own forgetfulness of connection to Source.

We must also remember that along with choosing separation we were given free will here to play and learn freely on this planet. We created lifetime after lifetime the current situations here on Earth and must remember this every time we look angrily up to heaven and demand from God, "How can you let this happen?" God has given us this beautiful planet of free will and we have made a mess of it. So it is up to us to remember our Oneness, unite as one and begin to turn it all around. The way back to Source and ultimately back to love is not to avoid life and proclaim that everything is an illusion, but to see the underlying light in every person and situation. To simply see the truth of God within all, melts the illusion away and guides us back into the light.

Now that we have established God is the foundation of life, that would also mean that this Great Spirit is present in every bit of space around and through you, what Quantum Physics calls "the Field." This all knowing light is always communicating with and guiding us from moment to moment. It is up to us to make it a two way communication. God is always giving us signs on how to align our lives with truth and our highest purpose, but we many times ignore these intuitions by the mind telling us to be rational. Many times this "still small voice" of God speaks to us but seems to go against everything that seems real or normal in our world. Our world today is not based on living from the Source of life or from the inside out. It is more about living from the outside in trying to fill ourselves up with our material reality. Our part of the two way communication is learning to listen for and act on God's signs to us. We can do this by meditating praying when we are not sure. We've become so conditioned to listen to the head's advice full of programming from the "real" world which always tries to rationalize and make us feel safe. We must retrain ourselves to listen to the heart over our head. Your heart is God's cell phone to you. You will know these moments of highest truth because life will seem deeper, more fulfilling, joyous, full of clarity, insight and a deep appreciation for life. In every moment you have the choice to ask God how to align with the highest truth of the moment or ignore the opportunity in fear. God will still love you unconditionally for all of your choices but the question is, how quickly do you want to feel One with God again. Living disconnected from God and our hearts ultimately leaves us feeling separate and unfulfilled.

Earlier I spoke about learning to discern "threads of truth" within different spiritual; paths by a "knowing" of my heart that bypassed the mind. When you believe and know that you are One with Source, your trust deepens that God is guiding you in each and every moment. This is what I like to call learning to listen to the "wisdom of the moment" (WOM). Remember that you are a spirit on a human journey through space and time(the prism creating individuality) trying to remember your way home to Oneness and so is everyone around you. Trust in your life's unique unfoldment and know that God is guiding you. Know that you are on this planet for a reason and that God will reveal your unique purpose if you ask. Also know that even if you strongly disagree with them at times, they have their own unique reason for being exactly where they are as do you. In time, you will fine tune this ability to listen to you heart and become adept at knowing the WOM (wisdom of the moment). It is a fine balance to find, knowing that we have eternity to make our way home while also knowing that the more quickly we remember Oneness the fast we can change the course of our planet our home in this moment of now.

The path to the Truth (Temple) Within Your Own Heart (TWYOH) is one of self responsibility and self-mastery. This means that you become responsible for discovering what holds you back from experiencing the Oneness, love and eternal bliss available to you right now. Light is our truth and yet our own belief in darkness and separation create those dark realities in our lives. Does this mean that we do not need help or guidance from other people, spiritual paths or religion along the way? Absolutely not. If you trust in the WOM, then God will lead you to every teacher, book and experience that you need in the moment. If you trust in TWYOH you will be able to discern the truth within every spiritual system and the underlying truth in every moment. Ultimately though, you become your own best teacher, your own forgiveness and salvation, your own minister and map to truth. For at some point, all paths will lead you to the edge of a cliff where words, concepts and ritual can no longer express Source. Use your spiritual practices and experiences as stepping stones bringing you to the edge of this chasm and then leap with your absolute knowing back into the arms of Oneness again.

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