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An Empaths Survival Guide

Updated: May 1, 2019

I've been wanting to write an article about this for quite some time so to get my creative juices flowing I looked up the definition of an empath. It read: em-path noun (chiefly in science fiction) a person with the paranormal ability to apprehend the mental or emotional state of another individual. I laughed out loud and thought to myself that I could write another book just about this statement. This is because it is not science fiction and has been my reality all of my life. And yet I didn't fully comprehend what this was or have a true understanding of what being an empath meant until recently.

As always, let me share from my personal experience... I have memories all the way back to childhood of feeling deep empathy for the adults and others around me. I remember in grade school feeling deeply saddened for a little girl no one wanted to play with or another girl who got lice and everyone treated like she had cooties. I remember not wanting to burden my family with my problems because I saw them struggling with so many of their own. I somehow understood why my step dad was emotionally unavailable because of his own upbringing and had more patience with him. I was always trying to be the peace maker and diplomat when my friends were fighting. I even had days where for no reason I'd come home and cry, which I now understand is because I was feeling the weight of emotion of the world around me unfiltered.

This "ability" didn't begin to take a toll until I became a teenager and started having sex. What I did not know back then is that sex is the ultimate way of sharing energy with another and that your energy remains connected unless you clear yourself through meditation and energy techniques. This is also the time of my life that I was hit by a revolving door of unfortunate events and I began experiencing depression. I vividly remember a dream during this time that my skin had hundreds of spaghetti like strands growing off of it and I was horrified. I began ripping them off my body and woke up in a panic. Years later the intuition came that the dream was showing me all of the unhealthy codependent cords of energy I had with other people. That is also when I added a new word to my definition of self as an "intuitive empath." Definition: intuitive adjective using or based on what one feels to be true even without conscious reasoning; instinctive.

Luckily for me at 19 years old I discovered meditation and shortly after energy healing. Although I've trained and studied many different forms the most common one I will refer to is Reiki. Through the practice of meditation and reiki I was able to "cut the cords" of unhealthy energy with friends, family, ex lovers and learn to cleanse and protect my energy. Being an intuitive empath is a beautiful gift and a double edge sword. It gives one the ability to go into any situation and "feel" a higher truth or a balanced approach with a desire to help. I am willing to bet most therapists, guidance counselors, mediators, hospice workers and nurses are empathic. They have deep empathy and can be of great service to others because of this. The negative flip side is that if empaths don't know how to release other people's energy, it can bog them down with negative energy and even make them ill or depressed. Empaths typically dislike big crowds, are accused of being too sensitive or emotional, don't like to watch the news, feel easily drained from too much stimulus, avoid negativity and often are introverts. The best visual example of how important it is to clear this energy is John Coffey's empathic character in the movie the Green Mile who is able to eat other people's illness and darkness. In one scene he releases the dark energy of a brain tumor into another man who then dies.

So if you were drawn to read this article or if being an empath or intuitive resonates with you, know that it is so important to learn how to clear and balance your energy. It took me years to figure out that so much of the energy I had "taken on" from others was causing imbalance and depression in my life. Being so highly sensitive has impacted all of my relationships in positive and negative ways. It has enabled great healing since I can feel and easily understand where another may be coming from. But in romantic relationships it has blurred the lines between what was my energy and baggage and what was theirs, creating an ongoing dynamic of codependency. Again, I could write a book on this and maybe I will someday but until then I'll share some simple tools with you.

Each day when you awaken, imagine sending a grounding cord from your waist into the center of the earth. You can do this right from bed. Being grounded is huge for empaths since we are so feeling that it's easy to be like a leaf in emotional wind all of the time. Second, intend to call your aura or energy back from all directions using invisible arms. You can even imagine unplugging from people who drain you like an extension cord from a wall socket. Most importantly, either in the shower or again from bed imagine a golden sun above you showering you with liquid cleansing light and intending that it dissolve all negativity. Violet light is great for days when you feel extra toxic dark energy and you can surround yourself in a purple bubble. Spending plenty of time alone in nature, swimming in natural water, "earthing" or walking barefoot outside and taking sea salt or epsom salt baths with crystals is also helpful.

I hope this perspective helps and that you embrace your empathic nature as a gift that can enhance all areas of your life. If you need assistance or a private session to help in clearing your energy feel free to visit my website or YouTube channel for help. Take care of your beautiful sensitive heart and soul!

Sahara Rodriguez has been practicing bodywork, teaching classes and workshops for over 20 years. She has studied and trained with spiritual teachers from around the world and brings together many paths in the spirit of Oneness. Sahara is a licensed massage therapist (MA 55310), Reiki Master, meditation teacher, ordained minister, author of the inspirational "Beyond the Reflection", and is dedicated to heart-centered service. Her services provide a safe, nurturing space that assist people on their healing path and ultimately to their own connection with the Source of Life and purpose.

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