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Change Your Energy, Change Your Life

Updated: Dec 4, 2018

Energy 101: Chakras, Vibration & Quantum Physics

Let's begin with our chakra energy system. A chakra is a wheel of light where "Chi" or "Prana," our life force enters the body. Our chakras correspond to the nerve centers and organs in our bodies so if this flow of energy becomes blocked, we begin to see the physical manifestation of imbalance or illness in the body. Our chakras along with our aura, the sphere of energy that spills out around the physical body, store every experience we have in a vibrational form. They also act like a radio transmitting our unique vibration out to the world around us. For those of us who have had negative experiences in life and have not "cleared" or released that negative energy, this is not good news. Every thought, word and experience gets broadcasted to the Universe. Our old hurts, negative thoughts, words and subconscious fears are the dominant energy being sent out to the world around us.

Let's now jump to Energy 101. In high school we learned that all matter has a vibration. Even if something appears solid if we were able to look at the object under a very powerful microscope, we would see a dance of light and energy. Research in Quantum Physics over the last 50 years has made astonishing discoveries. When scientists did experiments and observed these particles of dancing light, the particles changed their behavior. The implications of this are that we interact with reality just by observing or thinking about it. What physicists have discovered is that everything is connected to this underlying field of light, referred to as Zero Point Energy or the Source Field and everything in the universe is in constant communication with this field. This is what the mystics and religions have been saying for years, that "We Are All One."

Not only is our experience stored in our chakras and aura, but it also remembered by our brain, our heart, our cells and all the way down into our DNA. Even if you don't believe in past life trauma resurfacing, our ancestral pain gets transferred in our DNA. The good news about all of this is that we now know we are connected to and in constant communication with the Universal Energy. As we change and heal our energy we change our lives. Through meditation, prayer, positive affirmations, and reiki energy healing we can change the vibration we are broadcasting out to the world. Which in turn changes the people and experiences we then attract into our lives. Once our wounds are healed, we no longer hold the vibration to attract those lessons or situations to ourselves any longer.

This empowers us to to change our reality by changing our vibration. Instead of being on auto pilot we take control and become conscious co-creators of our lives.

By letting go of the past and reprogramming the body mind computer with positive intentions we broadcast a new energy for the Universe to respond to. We can begin telling a better story for ourselves and watch our dreams magically unfold!!

Sahara Rodriguez has been practicing bodywork, teaching classes and workshops for over 20 years. She has studied and trained with spiritual teachers from around the world and brings together many paths in the spirit of Oneness. Sahara is a licensed massage therapist, Reiki Master, meditation teacher, ordained minister, author of the inspirational "Beyond the Reflection", and is dedicated to heart-centered service. Her services provide a safe, nurturing space that assist people on their healing path and ultimately to their own connection with the Source of Life and purpose.

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