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Sahara Rodriguez is an intuitive empath who has been practicing bodywork, teaching classes and workshops for 25 years. She has studied and trained with spiritual teachers from around the world and brings together many paths in the spirit of Oneness. Sahara is a Reiki Master and has trained in many forms of alternative healing such as Quantum Touch, Pleiadian Lightwork, Evolutionary Healing, Adamantine Energy Therapy and Healing Touch. She is also a minister, licensed massage therapist (MA55610), meditation instructor and author of the inspirational, "Beyond the Reflection." She has compassionately assisted thousands on their healing journey and is dedicated to heart centered service. Her intention is always to create a safe, nurturing space in which to heal. This allows one to open to their unique purpose and direct connection to the Source of Life.



"You need to know how much your guided meditation helped me heal when I was going through a very difficult time. In the middle of a divorce you helped me to clear my heart space and forgive. Also during a Reiki session you told me that my energy wasn't the same as it usually was... You kept going over the whole body and coming back to my head on my left side. You told me that you felt like something was going on... the doctors found an infected bone in my head on the left side exactly where you kept coming back to. So grateful to be alive and I'm slowly getting better. I wanted to take this time to tell you. You have such an amazing gift to share with the world. Gift of healing, a gift of knowing, gift of love. Gift of light. I won't ever forget the power that you shared with me. You are the truth in its purest form." Ladonna

"I healed more in just two classes than in years of therapy." Timber

"If you feel lost or sad, need some guidance, or want peace and love you're at the right place. I love to come to meditation class to feel grounded and relaxed. Sahara has helped me go through some hard times in the past with her magic hands doing massage and Reiki. Love you Sahara." Guilianna


"I slept like a baby, no heart palpitations or panic attacks this morning. I felt content and safe. I didn't feel alone and empty. I haven't felt like this for months or even years. I think it's the meditation but also knowing someone deeply cares. Being lonely especially at night and in the morning has been eating me alive. Thank you... Amazing... I feel very well rested and safe." S.M.

"Sahara you leave a piece of your soul with your massage... it's magical." Jimmy 

"I just wanted to write and thank you. Head trauma from a car accident had been causing severe headaches for months. With one reiki session the pain has disappeared. I am so very grateful." Katherine

"This is absolutely my favorite place for peace, calm and recharging in Tampa. Feels like home. Sahara is an amazing instructor and has been a life changing mentor to me. Highly recommend!" Jennifer

"My husband hadn't been able to go to church for two months because of the severe pain in his leg. The day after you laid your hands on him, we went to church and he walked cane free. It was a Christmas miracle." Delia 

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