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Classes, Events and Workshops

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The Awakening Woman's Healing Retreat June 24th & 25th​​

Join Carla and I for a healing weekend sisterhood retreat to take much needed time for self care, self healing and self reflection. Many modern woman have been challenged to become superheroes in their daily lives. Expected to have careers, raise kids, care for their homes, be active in their church/community and so much more, often without the help of a partner or supportive family/tribe. Many women are also going through spiritual awakenings and find it difficult to practice their spiritual truth while living a busy modern life. And while many can do it, the burnout, the toll on the soul, unfulfilled personal dreams or the manifestation of illness can become the trade off. We will connect together for a weekend of guided meditation, gentle yoga, Reiki energy healing, sharing circles, journaling/release work, nature outings, water ceremonies and create space where You can feel held and supported. Give yourself the gift of sacred rest and rejuvenation so that you may return to life feeling replenished and recharged with your cup overflowing! $250 for 2 days, $125 for 1 day, meals or hotel not included but suggestions will be provided. (Dunnelon is only a 1 hr 45 min drive from Tampa.) Day 2 we'll be doing an included nature excursion on Rainbow River with a choice of swimming, snorkeling, paddle boarding or kayaking. Venmo, Zelle, ApplePay or Cash accepted. Email Sahara at to reserve your spot with a payment. 8 person maximum group size for an intimate experience.

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REIKI LEVEL 1  June 4th 



Join Sahara & Carla to become certified in Reiki. Learn the fundamentals of Reiki and how to practice on yourself and others for deep personal healing and transformation.


Reiki is an ancient Japanese technique that promotes healing and stress reduction. It is practiced by "laying on hands" to or above the body and channeling Chi or life force energy. In today's fast paced world stress and toxins deplete our life force leaving us more vulnerable to illness or dis-ease. Reiki is a simple and safe method to boost health that anyone can use. It has been shown to be effective in helping virtually every known illness and works in conjunction with Western medicine.

Reiki is a wholistic therapy that treats the whole person in body, mind and spirit. It can create feelings of peace, relaxation, bliss and over all well being. Many times one feels renewed and reconnected to the Source of Life through Reiki. $225 for each training. Visit 

to reserve your spot.



Many people are going through profound spiritual awakenings at this time. We are at a pivotal moment in Earth's healing and humanity's enlightenment as a whole. The concept of ascension is no longer reserved for monks and saints. This group's aim will be to provide practical tools for spiritual awakening and ascension from 3D into 5D consciousness. Each month we will receive an initiation with downloads of codes and activations from our True Source during a guided meditation and energy healing session. As we heal and align our own microcosm, we finish by sending group energy to the collective light and healing of the planet. We all came from One Source and are on our journey home to remembering this Source of Love and Oneness.


Topics we will cover:
*Grounding and aligning with Gaia Consciousness, healing ancestral pain/karma within the DNA
*Clearing the physical, mental, emotional, etheric & spiritual bodies along with the chakra system
*Healing the Original Wound, Pillar of light connection directly to Source
*Aligning with our higher self, guides, cosmic star family & angelic assistance
*Open to receive the abundance that is your divine birthright & clear financial blocks
*Inspiration for highest divine life purpose & timeline
*Unified chakra meditation, heart-brain coherence & raising your vibration
*Pranic nourishment, transmuting toxicity & ascension symptoms
*Sacred Heart Space & Temple Within Your Own Heart
*Activating beyond the 7th chakra, opening 8-12th chakras
*Ascension acceleration meditation and Merkaba activation
*Receive higher dimensional activations, downloads, codes & upgrade to crystalline DNA
*Learn LIFTS energy healing techniques for yourself and others (Reiki attunement workshops if you wish to be certified in LIFTS Reiki)
*Amazing guest teachers/healers to assist with crystal bowl vibrational healing, light language and more!!!

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Fri, June 9th 6:30 - 8:30 PM Innerbloom in June $44


Like the beautiful spring buds opening into summer flowers, join Carla and Sahara for Innerbloom In June! Enjoy gentle yoga to awaken the bodies energy, guided meditation with Reiki energy balancing to enliven the chakras and sound healing to unify body, mind and spirit. We have been lovingly sharing holistic healing together in our community for 18 years. Reserve your spot at






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